Summit Place Assisted Living

When you choose to make Summit Place your home, do so with the knowledge that you’ve just gained a loving and supportive family in all of us!

At Summit Place, we provide the amenities our residents would expect such as meal service, laundry assistance, housekeeping, nursing oversight, medication assistance, and help with personal service needs and leisure activities – but, we do so while making each resident feel unique, understood, and loved during the process. Our caring and trained staff understand that one size does not fit all, so we work hard to incorporate activities, amenities, and personal touches that suit each individual resident.

Surrounded by lush landscapes and near historic Fairhaven, Summit Place is a family-owned and operated assisted living community. Located adjacent Mt. Baker Care Center, a skilled nursing facility under the same ownership, residents enjoy the proximity to Mt. Baker’s skilled team of caregivers and therapists who provide the utmost in healing and strengthening opportunities for those in need. Further, the facility maintains an early learning and family center on its ground level which encourages inter-generational relationships which are known to boost both mental and physical well-being in seniors.

We encourage you to come see for yourself whether Summit Place is a good fit for you or your loved one and look forward to answering your questions.

Trouble with any of these areas may indicate it’s time for a change…

  • Forgetting to take medications or having trouble managing them
  • A fall, an accident, or simply not thriving
  • Isolation
  • Trouble driving and getting around
  • Difficulty with meals, significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Not feeling safe to live alone

Options at Summit Place Assisted Living

Residence at Summit Place

REsidence at the Summit means

  • REengagement in community
  • REsources to maintain health and independence
  • REnewed interests
  • RElationships
  • REassurance and peace of mind
  • REspit services

REengagement in the community

You still have a lot to offer. Because the basics are taken care of, you can rediscover the joy of creativity, community service and/or life-long learning. Of course, there’s just plain fun, too.

More information coming soon about volunteering for the humane society, Montessori school, days for girls program, Local Artist Program, Community outings Gardening, Car show, and more.

REsources to maintain health and independence

Summit has full physical, occupational and speech therapy services. We have a consulting pharmacist to assure you and your doctor are aware of the constant changes and opportunities with medications. Licensed nurses are on staff seven days a week to answer your health questions and assure changes in your health don’t get ignored.

REnewed interests

We don’t ask you to fit yourself into someone else’s mold. Our individualized assessment of your past interests allows exploration of all the possibilities your future offers. You have the opportunity to reconnect with what you used to enjoy.


Your social world may have been shrinking recently but it doesn’t have to. Life at Summit provides opportunity for new friendships within our community and from our greater community. Summit’s neighborhood gives friends, families, staff, volunteers and residents a mechanism to forge new friendships.

REassurance and peace of mind

No more worries about the dangers of living alone. You can have your privacy but have the comfort of knowing help is only a pull cord away. Twenty-four hour professional and carefully screened staff assure you and your belongings are safe and secure.

REspite services

Sometimes you don’t need to move but you might need a break…a place to stay for a week or two when family isn’t available. Summit offers the flexibility of short stays that allow you and your support system the peace of mind of twenty-four hour available assistance.


The residents at Summit Place enjoy our frequent offerings of Activities. We know that not everyone likes everything, but we try to offer something for everyone. We have several Clubs and Groups that help residents enjoy common interests.

A sample of recent Activities include;

Group exercises
Read aloud
Popcorn trolly
Friday Night Flick
Scenic Drives
Monthly Birthday Party with Dennis Sakowski
Worship Services. Everyone Welcome
VFW Cooties Ice Cream Party
Knitting/Crochet Corner
Red Hatters Tea
Bellis Fair Mall
Rhythm Band
Hour of Power CH. 8
Richard Tucker Music
Travel Video
Park Outing
One to One Visits
Card Club
Movie & Popcorn
Patio Chit Chat
Bible Study @ S.P.
Sentimental Reflections Video
Short Stories
Jigi & Zuzu Visit
Men’s Lunch
Cooking Club
Praise Singers
News and Views
Seahawks Game
Crafty Crew
Beauty Group

Concierge Services

Summit Place Offers a Full Range of Concierge Services.  Examples of our Concierge Services include:

Escort Services

  • Doctor Appointments
  • Dentist Appointments
  • Visiting Friends/Neighbors
  • Therapy Appointments
  • Meals outside the facility
  • Hair Dresser
  • Movies
  • Church


  • Assist with shopping list
  • General shopping
  • Pick-up prescriptions
  • Drop-off/pick-up dry cleaning
  • Crafts
  • Record family history


  • Walking companion
  • Sewing assistance
  • Ironing clothing
  • Hand wash
  • Correspondence

Household Care

  • Spring/Fall cleaning
  • Organize/clean closets
  • Organize/clean drawers
  • Organize/clean cupboards
  • Clean refrigerator

These services are available to our residents, upon request. The fees vary by service.

Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Full-service professional rehabilitation (physical, occupational, speech therapies plus restorative nursing) including out-patient services
  • Integrated approach to meet your goals more quickly
  • Home evaluations and team approach assure smooth transitions back home

Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are available seven days a week. Residents at Mt. Baker consistently rate our therapists as outstanding. Our shortened stays get people back where they want to be much quicker than physicians and families expect. Integrated planning allows families, staff, therapists and residents to use consistent approaches throughout the day to maximize therapy benefits and speed returns to independent function. Patient and family teaching and home evaluations insure that our residents are able to maintain what they regain. Professional social workers assist in organizing all discharge needs for a successful transition from Mt. Baker.

  • Personal Attention
  • There is an interdisciplinary team focused on you
  • Specialized Rehab gym
  • Challenges and Outcomes

Our full service rehabilitation department is staffed with physical, occupational, and speech therapy services as well as restorative nursing services. Should you and your doctor feel more therapy is helpful after you return home, we also offer out-patient services with the same professionals you’ve come to know and trust. (Mount Baker is unusual in that we have retained our excellent therapy staff. Most of our team has been with us five years or more.) Our spacious therapy gym is equipped with every advanced amenity that you might need to aid optimum recovery. We are dedicated to providing whatever modality you and your doctor feel is necessary to meet your health goals.

It is the objective of the Mt. Baker Care Center rehabilitation program is to provide comprehensive and integrated therapy services to restore the client to his or her highest functional level. Utilizing a team approach, the Rehabilitation Team, consisting of the primary care physician, nursing staff, Physical Therapy staff, Occupational Therapy staff, and Speech-Language Pathology staff work together to evaluate, plan, provide and continually reassess the rehabilitation plan of care for each client admitted to the program. With state of the art equipment and treatment techniques we are able to get our clients back their highest level of independence with lasting results. The client, family and other caregivers are an essential part of this process, as appropriate, and are involved from the beginning of care.

At discharge from our active programs, follow-up community resources and programs are discussed and implemented, including adaptive equipment orders, family training and wellness programs.

The Rehabilitation Program has been developed to allow our clients to maintain or return to their maximum level of independence, and remain in the least restrictive living environment.

Person-Centered Individual Health Plan

Your care plan is a road map to accomplishing your goals. Although we use our specialized training and assessment skills to guide you and offer advice, the plan is oriented to your special needs and preferences. Your first meeting to discuss the plan is generally within two to three weeks after your arrival. The scheduling of a meeting with your health team (the care conference) is most dependent on when you and your family (if you wish) can attend. Since it is your plan, it is important that you provide as much participation as any other member of your team. After you are satisfied and in agreement with the initial plan, you and your team will meet as often as necessary to keep you on track.

  • Your health team includes you, your family, professional nurses, the nursing assistants who care for you, the dietary director, social worker, therapeutic activities professional and physical, occupational and/or speech therapists that you and your doctor have determined will be helpful.
  • You and your health care professionals create an initial plan of care that provides a clear road map and timeline to meet your specific individual needs.
  • Your plan is continually updated as you progress. You and your family are always able to direct and modify your treatment to assure your goals and health are maximized.

Community Oriented

  • Friendly, Convenient, Comfortable and Community Oriented
  • Fairhaven Location, plenty of parking
  • Spacious and non-institutional
  • Community invested local owners available to respond to concerns
  • No Visiting Hours – Your family can visit when it’s convenient for them.

Assisted Living

Live independently, and/or receive assistance with certain aspects of daily life.

Please consider that our beautiful Assisted Living facility, Summit Place, is in the same Fairhaven location as our skilled nursing facility.
This provides convenient and flexible transitions when needed or required.

We offer a true continuum of care under the same roof. This means that if one spouse requires nursing home care but the other is more independent or needs assisted living services, the couple can still be together. The continuum includes independent/assisted living, skilled rehabilitation, long-term care, and outpatient therapy.